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ILP Global
Legal Partners

We are an alliance of law firms of excellence that operates fluidly in the jurisdictions of different countries of the world with a group of professionals with expertise in diverse areas of legal work. ILP Global aims to provide our clients a professional service based on trust, in line with their business objectives and enabling them to enhance regional and global growth strategies.

Global Team
We look at the world with perspective.
We take on the challenge of globalization with the legal competencies that companies require today to operate fluidly in diverse markets and jurisdictions.
We share a thorough knowledge of the regulations of each country in which we operate, which allows us to compare and to be effective in designing the most appropriate solution according to the country and the requirements of our clients.
Loyalty and ommitment to our clients are the values that distinguish us and the principles that govern our professional work.
We provide our inspiration and hard work.
We add value to our clients through our deep knowledge of their business and we accompany them through the different stages of growth and expansion of their company inside and outside their borders.
Expert Professionals
The law is our vocation and our passion.
We provide the professional excellence of our team to each country and area where we work. Our experience –together with a permanent specialization and updating -, allow us to make of the legal factor a tool of competitiveness placed at the service of all companies or investors seeking for opportunities around the world.
Integrated Perspective
The boundaries between disciplines today are diluted and require navigating in a world that demands multidisciplinary approaches. Today public and private affairs come together; new technologies, science or communications are also part of the legal equation and require a systemic and integrated analysis of the cases.
Legal science also faces the challenge of innovation, and must generate on a daily basis original answers to new problems. This challenge suits us and we assume it by placing all our training, capacity and experience at the service of designing innovative and effective solutions for our clients.